"I have flirted with Fame, but we've never seriously dated." - Xerado

Xerado (zee.ra.do): verb. 1. begotten, conceived.
2. produced, originated.

Xerado is a verb. Xerado is the Wild One.

The artist, Xerado, generates entire art worlds as he travels this existential travail we call life.
No medium is safe from his explorations.
Xerado is an alchemical distillery of imagination visualating concept into actuality.
Xerado is a visualator that uses everthing from the innocuous to the ominous as a means of expression.

An encounter with the work of Xerado promises to be fraught with both explicit and hidden meaning beyond the mere hypothetical, while providing the opportunity for viewers to achieve their own conclusions about purpose and significance.

It is comforting to find an artist who refuses to engage in any form of self-deprecation. Assured, in all manner of expressive adventures, Xerado boldly illuminates what it is to be a fulfilled human - ready and willing to embrace the conceptual and bring the emphemeral into the real world for others to experience as well. That Xerado persists in graciously sharing his assorted visions remains testament to all which is fascinating about ourselves as a part of a greater picture of sublime humanity.

Xerado empowers all of us to become greater, to think bigger, to realize more, through his own continually unfolding visions - as broader, humanistic concerns are continually exemplified in what Xerado does, as integral to who Xerado is.

"I visualize, I visualate, therefore Eye am." - Xerado


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"The artist is a deep river, flowing with ideas - but the public only sees the water's surface which reflects the viewer's own." - Xerado

incredible burst of joy, fabulous colorplay..." - M. Z. - Los Angeles, California, USA

"Wow. Just...'wow' " - N. S. - SF Bay area, California, USA

"great work , i'm honored by having the chance in this one time life opportunity to discover it" - F. M. - Tunis, Tunisia

"lovely style..." - P. V. - Buenos Aires, Argentina

"amazing..." - L. T. - Orani, Bataan

"Oh!!! beautiful!...wonderful..." - F. C. - Quebec, Canada

"Stunning work..." - C. O. - Barrow in Furness, United Kingdom

"Way cool...such energy!" - L. M. - Taylorville, Illinois, USA

"Deeply poetic. So fearless." - C. B. - Jupiter, Florida

"...impressive, bittersweet sophistication...sweet complexity" - A. H. - Helsinki, Finland

"the color, movement and texture of (the) pieces...very impressive," - S. B. - Fort Worth, Texas

"...amazing works," - S. S. - Newcastle, Australia

"...the colors vibrant, the active constituent, the simbolgia of some signs, ...really impressed..." - N. B. - Latina, Italy

"...an ingenious artist...(the) paintings are amazing." - L. K. - Gabes, Tunisia

"Brilliant, most brilliant imagery." - D. G. W. - Northumbria, United Kingdom

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